How is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Wound Healing, also Anti-Aging?


The key to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is its ability to reverse hypoxia and decrease inflammation, which are often the core etiology of any wound.

HBOT heals wounds no matter where they are in the body by accelerating all stages of wound healing. It works by modulating the transcription of over 8,000 genes; up-regulating genes responsible for growth and repair, and down-regulating genes responsible for inflammation and program cell death. The end results can include: improving leukocyte adhesion, neutrophil function and macrophage killing, vasoconstricting blood vessels to mitigate edema, decreasing inflammation by down-regulating the release of IL1, IL 6, and TNF alpha, inhibiting apoptotic pathways, re-populating areas of injury with new stem cells released from the bone marrow that migrate to areas of injury, and stimulating angiogenesis via VEGF and Hypoxic Inducible Factor (HIF) dependent pathways. HBOT also stimulates chondrocytes to produce new collagen, osteoblasts to lay down more bone, and fibroblasts to make more connective tissue.

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