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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment administered by delivering 100% oxygen at pressures greater than two to three times the normal atmospheric (sea level) pressure to a patient in an enclosed chamber.  During a treatment, oxygen under pressure fills the hyperbaric chamber, increasing the oxygen concentration within a person’s body 15 to 20 times normal at the cellular level.  Increased oxygen tension accelerates the healing process and aids in recovery from certain conditions. HBOT has few side effects, most of which are transient or manageable. 

HBOT has been clearly demonstrated to foster new blood vessel formation and to increase immune capabilities, assisting patients with problems ranging from chronic wounds to radiation injury, severe bone infections and neurological impairments.  With the addition of  HBOT, all body fluids (plasma, lymph, cerebrospinal, interstitial fluids) become capable of oxygen delivery thereby facilitating the healing process.

Oxygen + Pressure + Breathe = Breathing Your Way to Wellness

Oxygen – Oxygen makes up 21% of the air we breathe.  While in a Hyperbaric Chamber 100% oxygen is delivered down to the cellular level for optimal healing

Pressure – “Hyperbaric” means using a gas at above normal pressure.  Breathing oxygen rich air drives oxygen deep into the tissue to heal.

Breathe – sit back and just breathe normally for the 60 to 90 minute treatment sessions while watching TV.  Our technicians are monitoring your treatment

Hyperbaric literally means “Higher Pressure”

Why so Many Days?

The effects of hyperbaric oxygen on blood vessel growth and tissue healing are very gradual.  Studies of blood vessel growth have shown that irradiated tissues may have as little as 30% of the blood vessels as non-radiated tissue.  By using hyperbaric oxygen on a daily basis, researchers have found that new microscopic blood vessels started to grow after six to eight sessions. 

Each day’s progress depends on that of the day before.  That is why it is important for patients to attend all of their scheduled treatments.  Patients that miss too many treatments will not receive the maximum benefit from the therapy.  The first two weeks are the most critical in stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms.  Therefore, patients should  make every effort possible to attend every treatment for which they are scheduled.

Because of this knowledge, most treatment protocols involve multiple hyperbaric oxygen sessions and are either 60 or 90 minutes in duration. Some patients may have a slower response than others, so a longer course of treatment may be prescribed, depending on how well the patient is progressing. 


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