Who We Are, Mission & Values

Oxygen Oasis: Our Story – A Journey to find Healing

Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Wellness Center was founded by a wife and husband team—Victoria Bliss-Calkins and Tom Calkins—after witnessing firsthand the healing power that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) offers.

The Calkins were introduced to HBOT on a personal level when searching for treatment options for the radiation injury that occurred after Tom underwent treatment for Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil.   After completing hyperbaric therapy for delayed radiation injury, Tom regained flexibility in his neck and reduced the frequency of the muscle spasms he endured after his surgery. (See Tom’s story about his treatment in this interview.) 

Both Tom and Vicky felt a calling to help others find the same ray of hope they found in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and they were able to combine their occupational pursuits in manufacturing and business development in the founding of Oxygen Hyperbaric Wellness Center.

Tom is an owner of Railway Specialties Corporation, a 100-year-old company that manufactures watertight doors, hatches and scuttles for every CVN Nuclear Aircraft Carrier in the U.S. Navy fleet. His experience in this area was instrumental in manufacturing the hyperbaric chamber shells and hatch doors used by Oxygen Oasis. 

The chambers were initially outfitted by Reimers Systems Inc., a firm that designs and manufactures high quality hardware solutions for hyperbaric and hypobaric applications with special emphasis on medical hyperbaric applications. Over the past several decades, RSI has emerged as an industry leader in the design and construction of hyperbaric and hypobaric facilities. Reimers is now a division of PCCI Hyperbaric Systems (PHS), which in turn is a division of PCCI, Inc., a firm that is solely dedicated to the design, engineering, fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair of hyperbaric chambers, hypobaric chambers, breathing simulators, and related systems for commercial and government clients, specifically supporting the U.S. Navy.

Vicky Bliss amassed her experience in sales and business development in the cable and telecom industry for 30-plus years before starting her own company, Oxygen Therapurity, LLC (O2TP) in 2011, after witnessing Tom’s results from his hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  O2TP was established to make Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy more widely available to hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and research centers through a unique and affordable partnership. After launching successful partnerships with several  hyperbaric facilities, the next step was to open and operate her own facility, Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Wellness Center, in 2014.

In pursuit of excellence, Vicky sought the highest quality of hyperbaric oxygen training in the industry and received certification in Hyperbaric Medicine and Facility Safety through Wound Care Education Partners of North Palm Beach, FL.  She is a nationally registered EMT.

From personal experience to personal service, Oxygen Oasis stands out as a patient-focused center where treatment is provided in a professional yet spa-like atmosphere to facilitate the healing process, summed up in our statement of mission and values:

Our Mission:

To offer a safe harbor for healing in a state-of-the-art Wellness Center, providing extraordinary care, through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Advanced Wound Care. Our primary focus is overall well being and quality of life for our patients and their families.

Our Values:

Respect for our patients, co-workers, and partners
Patient Advocacy through education, understanding and compassion                
Quality Care for every patient
Honesty & Integrity of every staff member
Safety for our patient’s security and comfort
Commitment to Excellence in what we do and how we do it