Anoxic Brain Injury

Anoxic brain damage is an injury to the brain due to a lack of oxygen. It can occur as a result of cardiac arrest, near drowning, stroke, drug overdose, and choking, When the brain is without enough oxygen, cells begin to die after approximately 4 minutes and can lead to severe disability, coma or death. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is helping individuals with an anoxic brain injury as it provides the brain with increased levels of oxygen to help recover and repair brain tissue, proliferate the creation of new brain cells and improve cognitive functioning.


I.G. – Age 26

“January 14, 2012 is the date of my severe anoxic brain injury and the day I almost died.

While attending the University of Michigan, I began abusing prescription drugs. This deadly addiction led me to stray away from my family, my morals, and my education. I was once an ambitious student with hopes of attending law school. I spiraled down a path of self-destruction.

Through the grace of God and the work of medical professionals, I secured a second chance at life. My rebirth as a sober, self-aware young man has been an incredibly challenging and unpredictable journey. At every juncture, I was boxed in by the pessimistic, but statistically supported, expectations of numerous doctors and rehabilitation therapists. I, however, am not a prototype in a medical textbook. Consequently, predictions by doctors about my recovery have been largely incorrect. Furthermore, I refused to be limited by the educated guesses of those who do not appreciate that each brain injury is unique. In fact, each individual injury or disorder is distinct and deserves a fair chance at exhausting all possible remedies.

My family and I went against the recommendations of medical professionals who discouraged the use of innovative therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). The HBOT I received thus far has undeniably catapulted me to a new level of function. I was never supposed to survive, to speak, to see, to hear, to feel, to move, to have memory, or to be able to read and write. Contrary to the prognoses of several doctors, I acquired all of these skills and am ripe for making more remarkable progress. I feel incredibly enthusiastic about the future and am forever grateful for the generous funding of Chambers for Hope.

My gains are unbelievable and completely inconsistent with anoxic brain injury recoveries. After completing only 50 of the 100 treatments my doctor recommended at Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Wellness Center, I regained my ability to do mathematics, I have significantly improved my ability to speak clearly, and I have initiated the process to return to higher education. Additionally, I recently took my first steps with a walker. HBOT has enabled me to withstand more vigorous physical therapies such as gait training.

Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Wellness Center has become like a second family for me. I enjoy each session because I know that it will bring me that much closer to actualizing my physical, cognitive, and educational goals. Additionally, the staff is wonderfully welcoming and professional. I look forward to future sessions, future achievements, and a future as the man I almost never had the chance to become.”

~ Ivan Gutierrez