How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) help with Stress?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Stress 

Stress is a common emotional response most of us experience. How it affects us, largely depends upon how we are able to deal with the emotion when we realize it is starting to impact our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully eliminate stress as it does have its benefits, as you will see shortly. However, it is when stress reaches too high of a level it can lead to anxiety, worry, and panic attacks, as well as lower our immune response and lead to increased risks for illnesses and diseases.

How Is Stress Beneficial?

Stress helps motivate us and keep us active. It stimulates brain functions and allows us to perform deductive reasoning, improves our concentration, and allows us to focus on specific tasks. When we have too little stress in our lives, it can cause boredom and even be a cause of depression in some people.

As stress levels increase, our initial response is normally one that allows us to be highly productive and complete tasks. This in turns, makes us feel a sense of accomplishment, and stress levels become less and remain within the “acceptable” range. But, when stress levels continue to increase past this point is where we need to be concerned.

When Should You Be Concerned about Stress?

Constant, elevated stress levels do not allow our bodies to respond in a positive manner. Rather, they cause a negative response, like those mentioned above. Furthermore, one might notice an increase in weight, often as a result of increased fat in the belly region from eating and snacking on unhealthy foods, we find comfort in whenever we are trying to resolve elevated stress levels.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Help?

HBOT exposes our bodies to elevated levels of oxygen-rich air. Since more oxygen is being spread throughout the circulatory system and tissues within the body, it stimulates the body’s healing response system. In addition, the oxygen helps reduce anxiety levels and stress levels due to heightened levels of oxygen within the brain and creates a calming effect. Stress and anxiety slowly start to become less intense emotions and are replaced by a relaxed state of mind.

For instance, HBOT has been used by military veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those that receive regular HBOT noticed many of the symptoms associated with PTSD, like depression and anxiety became less frequent and severe, allowing them to better integrate back into private life and society.

Other Benefits of HBOT

Besides providing stress and anxiety relief, HBOT promotes healing within the body. People have used this form of treatment to help speed recovery times after an accident or surgical procedure. Other people have used it as an alternative form of treatment for various medical conditions, such as poor circulation, infections in the soft tissues, digestive and intestinal problems, arthritis, chronic pain, and more. Please keep in mind, since everyone is unique, the overall effectiveness of HBOT can and does vary from one patient to the next.

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