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T.C. – Age 25

“I remember at age 10 asking my Dad to pull on my ankles to make them feel better.  As time went on I complained that that my eyes didn’t feel right.  I would roll them around, opening and closing them to try and find some relief! I was not sure what was wrong only that eyes were agitated.   I couldn’t focus on school work and it was difficult to remember things like bringing my book bag to school or my gym shoes for practice.  I forgot things often and it became a daily routine.  Getting out of bed each morning was no easy task as I felt tired.  As time went on I had less energy, and my joints ached; particularly my ankles, wrists and neck.  I would crack them often to try and find relief.  Cognitively I was not good; my ability to recall was a struggle and I could not focus.  I was treated with ADHD medicine, but that did not seem to help. 

At age 25 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I underwent a series of 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments in combination with antibiotics.  The aches and pains in my joints have gone away, I have more energy, my memory has improved, I am more focused at my job  and I can complete tasks on time.  I am succeeding in my career and relationships have improved.  The clarity I feel now is what I assume to be normal! I am so glad that I have experienced the healing relief of Lyme decease through the protocol of antibiotics and HBOT.”

Lyme (Breathing Your Way to Wellness with Brian Propp)


Mother of son – Age 11

“I would like to start our story by expressing my sincere gratitude for all the wonderful people working at Oxygen Oasis.  We are deeply thankful for the genuine care and emotional comfort that we found while my son was receiving the treatment here.

Our family’s Lyme saga began when our son was bitten by a tick at age 4 ½.  Prior to that he was fully functional and spoke two languages; he loved playing with his friends and was a sweet and social child. After the tick bite my child’s health started declining in all aspects.  Although at the beginning the changes were subtle and less obvious, we as parents started noticing unusual behavioral changes, distraction and sensory issues that were never present before.  Being a bright child, he nevertheless was able to learn and even advance during the first two academic years.  At around seven years of age the changes in his health and academic abilities became more pronounced.  The slow regression in his intellect was obvious, as he started losing his many skills and academic abilities.  We desperately visited more than 40 healthcare professionals in three different countries, all of whom struggled with the diagnosis.  Every possible test was done.  The “best” doctors we were seeing were not able to help us because they couldn’t find what was wrong with our child.  By this time, my son was not able to play with his best friends anymore and lost his speech.  A myriad of other symptoms were emerging continuously as time passed.

We were heartbroken and lost. Our medical expenses were astronomical, with 90% of them not covered by our insurance.  We were devastated financially. 

By the will of God, it happened that we visited one more specialist who ordered the right labs.  Tests came back positive for multiple tick-borne infections. My son turned 8 years old when an aggressive antibiotic therapy was started.  Although antibiotics helped to some degree with certain symptoms, our son’s progress eventually plateaued.  His doctor revised the treatment protocol and suggested starting HBOT.  It was a totally new approach.  We never heard about HBOT before.

We did our research to find out more about this therapy. I read multiple articles on (US National Library of Medicine), books explaining how HBOT works (such as Oxygen Revolution by Dr. Paul Harch), visited multiple online forums with people sharing their post-HBOT experience and, most important, read a study conducted by Dr. Fife of Texas A&M University “Treatment of Lyme disease with hyperbaric oxygen therapy”

Dr. Fife’s study was very detailed and promising.

With the help of our beloved church we were able to start the therapy. 

Oxygen Oasis is a new state-of-the-art hyperbaric center for healing.  The place is spacious and beautiful. 

When we first walked into the center, we were immediately immersed into an atmosphere of emotional comfort and trust. 

Doctors and staff working at the center are extremely professional, knowledgeable and possess all the qualities that we, as parents, were hoping for.  The technicians are not only smart and well educated but are also warm, friendly and caring people. 

When I first met the owner of the center, I was touched by her kindness and compassion.  She was always attentive to our needs and supported us all the way through our healing journey. 

With the help of HBOT my son regained many of his lost skills.  He got his speech back, his smile and his playful personality.  The difference between before and after treatments is so dramatic that it seems like a miracle.  What’s most important is that we see the improvements still continue.  The most fascinating fact about HBOT is that it keeps working even after the therapy is finished.

Oxygen Oasis has the most professional, caring and experienced staff we ever encountered at a medical facility.  They go above and beyond their patients’ expectations in every possible way.  Coming here and receiving the treatment at this absolutely wonderful facility was the best decision we made – our child is now on the road to recovery.”


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