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G.T. –  Age 3

“In the 3 weeks since Gia began treatment at Oxygen Oasis, she has shown great improvement.  After her third treatment, her eczema has gone away. Her skin felt like sandpaper and now is smooth.

At the end of the first week, her teachers reported that Gia is happier and more alert in the classroom.  She is more independent, more present in the moment, her eye contact is improving and she is trying new tasks in school and at home. In the past, she was afraid to try new things.

Her fine motor skills are improving, she used to scribble when coloring and is now able to draw a straight line. Gia is now using a fork to eat and can drink from an open cup.

Gia is becoming more vocal and recently said hello to an Oxygen Oasis staff member.  She said peekaboo while playing a game with us.

Gia was toe walking 99% of the time before starting HBOT, but now has days where she walks flat-footed and her balance has improved greatly with her newfound ability.

We spoke with her MAPS doctor, who recommended HBOT.  He was very happy with the progress Gia has made in her first 20 treatments.  As Gia’s parents, we are thrilled with the improvements Gia has made so far and are grateful to Chambers for Hope-PA for the financial assistance they have provided our family.”        -David and Jennifer Torres

Autism (Breathing Your Way to Wellness with Brian Propp)

Honey Rincella, Autism parent and TACA C0-Coordinator for PA, shares her experience with the Biomedical approach to treating her own children with Autism


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